What is Hypermix?


HYPERMIX® is a plant-based product, which is born from the research and development of extraction, production and combination technologies of the active ingredients of two plants: Hypericum (also known as St John's wort) and Neem.

Both Neem oil and Hypericum balm are known and sold in many countries of the world. The patent for Hypermix® was also obtained in India, which has always been the home of Neem, a country where the plant has been used for thousands of years by the entire population and is still being studied in the medical and scientific field. This recognition has shown that it is not enough to mix Hypericum balm with Neem oil to obtain the same therapeutic properties as Hypermix®.

The properties of the two plants have been known for centuries, as underscored by their respective bibliographies.

The product has undergone biocompatibility and stability tests that guarantee its safety.

The raw materials have been selected to meet specific quality requirements.


Hypericum flowers come from certified organic farming, however RI.MOS. has taken steps to further certify their quality by carrying out tests to verify the absence of pesticides and heavy metals. An oily extraction is performed on Hypericum flowers using olive oil as the solvent.


The Neem oil used in the production of Hypermix® is extracted from the seeds of the Melia Azadirachta Indica plants, which are cold pressed and then filtered to eliminate impurities.

The selection of the raw materials is guaranteed by an Indian company specialised in high-quality oils that provides certificates as a guarantee of the quality of the Azadirachtin in each batch.

For this reason, Hypermix® is a plant-based product of the highest quality.


Hypermix® is available in two formulations: OILY and GEL. It does NOT require the use of disinfectants.


For damaged skin. It moisturizes, it soothes, and is unpleasant to insects.





HYPERICUM (St. John's wort)



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