Traumatic wound to posterior of right cannon.
Shin bone is exposed (8 cm).
From day 14 post-trauma cheloid formation is evident.
Daily Hypermixvet therapy together with permanent occlusive bandaging.
Course: 90 days.

Horse's summer dermatitis
Course: 30 days

The horse's summer dermatitis can be easily set off by insect bites and from contact with midges' saliva.
It affects horses of every breed. As a result of these bites horses that are allergic may develop a TYPE 1 hypersensitivity reaction, with release of histamine.
The immediate consequence is an itch, that the animal fights by scratching himself, causing traumas that often degenerate into secondary skin infection.
For this reason in summer horses frequently appear restless, irritable and show signs of loss of weight and appetite. Daily use of HYPERMIXVET® is recommended to face this problem.
During the first 7 days the wounds were treated with HYPERMIXVET® sponging, without washing or combing the horse's coat.
Afterwards the affected area was instead washed and dried carefully, then treated with HYPERMIXVET®.
After each treatment the horse was exposed to the sun light (not in the hottest hours)
150 ml of HYPERMIXVET® were used to completely treat this infection.

Hoof ringworm or onychomycosis on thoroughbread
(literally nail mycosis).
A hoof pathology that causes the separation of
the wall from underlying tissues
Course: 3 weeks

  • Mycotic part removal with proper instruments.
  • Wall perforation with conical sharp instrument until bleeding is visible
  • Ringworm removal from the sole and especially from the white line.
  • HYPERMIXVET® deep injection in the holes with a syringe.
  • Gauze soaking into HYPERMIXVET®,
  • placement under the sole and wrapping with Vetrap.
  • Application of HYPERMIXVET® at least once a day.