Heavy lameness and swelling in the area of the rear left limb. Wound of approx 7 cm. Necrotic and purulent tissue.

Therapy: surgical cleaning and peroxide, local antibiotic for 7 days and tamponade with gauzes soaked with Hypermixvet® oily formulation.

At home, under medical direction, the owners continued applying at first cotton gauzes soaked with Hypermixvet® oily formulation and later Hypermixvet® Medicated Gauzes when loss of material decreased. 

Today, light lameness persists (degree 1 of 5)

Course: 40 days

Treatment of a soft tissue wound located in the ventral surface of the rostrum of a 1 year old Bottlenose Dolphin Calf (Tursiops truncatus). Courtesy of Zoomarine, Rome, Italy, Veterinary staff. 

Course: 1 month.