Testudo hermanni boettgeri, female, 15 years old
Traumatic cloacitis (caused by repeated male copulation attempts) complicated by myiasis.
Immediate therapy: irrigation with tepid saline, manual removal of fly larvae and single administration of levamisole IM at 5mg/kg. Home therapy: irrigations with sterile saline, tamponade with absorbent paper, morning and evening application of Hypermixvet for 21 days.
IMPORTANT During the therapy the turtle was stabled in the same place where she had contracted the myiasis. (Hypermixvet was effective to prevent any relapse).
Check-up after 15 and 21 days.

Ferret, Male, 6 months year old
Intestinal coccidiosis
Serious proctitis with perineum inflammation
Washing with tepid saline solution 3 times/day
Hypermixvet application after every washing and tamponade
Check-up after 7 days.

Central bearded dragon (Pogona Vitticeps), male, 2 years old.
Severe III degree burn on the abdomen.
Prompt therapy: rest for 3 days, fluid therapy, Marbofloxacina and meloxicam.
Treatment with fluid therapy, Marbocyl for 30 days and irrigation with sterile physiological solution. Application of Hypermixvet twice a day
(in the morning and in the evening) for 120 days.